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Vegas Minitrip

We just spent the last couple of days in Vegas - drove down sunday, came back today. The weather was better than at home, but still damp. Which was fine. We stayed at the Red Rock again - fantastic bloody hotel and it's only getting better as far as I can tell. Well - apart from the breakfast service which was lousy this time but I think that's because the server was half asleep. Still love the rooms at that place, and their marketing people are on top form now. You can buy the bed now. It took us a long time to find out which make and model of bed it was so we could get one at home. Now you can just phone the Red Rock and buy one and it will be delivered to your house. In a similar theme, you can buy a CD with their ambient music on it - the stuff that is piped into the lobby, elevators, public areas and pool. Sweet. The weather was a bit chilly for the Vegas-ites though - nobody in the pool but a full hot tub though.