Apparently consumer confidence over here has hit a 10 year low. Well, GW, are you fuckin' surprised ? You've undone all the work that Clinton did and brought the world to the brink of destruction. Do you really think that's the best way to make consumers go on a spending spree?

Up until recently, I wasn't too bothered about the Iraq situation. But I'm starting to get very worried now. GW Bush and Vice President Blair are beserking around like they run the planet, like the speak for all of us. In truth, of course, they have less than 40% support from their own population, and no support from other countries. But every time Bush says "jump", Blair pokes out of his arse and asks "how high, George?" Why is it that neither the US or the UK are worrying about Al Qaeda any more? No mention of Osama for months. No concern about North Korea - a country who has admitted having the exact weapons of mass destruction that Bush & Blair seem convinced Iraq has. A country who tested a multi-stage missile last year and got it into the pacific, proving it could turn Japan into a greasy spot. A country who only yesterday dropped another missile into the sea of Japan. Frankly, I'd be far more concerned about North Korea and Osama than Iraq. George W seems to have totally forgotten his pledge to get those responsible for 9-11. We have no proof that Osama is alive or dead, yet GW seems to make the assumption that he's dealt with that little thorn in his side. Sadly, there's nothing the average citizen can do about this whole situation. We're just watching as the two dumbest leaders on the planet steer their countries towards a potentially massive conflict that simply isn't needed. God Help us if Germany, Russia or France have a change of heart and decide to support the US and the UK.


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