***WAR NEWS*** The Blitzkrieg (lets call it what it is) is in full swing now. 500 cruise missiles have been launched. Waves of F117s, B2s and B52s are in the air. Baghdad, Kirkuk, and Mosul are burning. Basra and the oil fields have been taken by the coalition forces and the H2 and H3 airbases have been secured. A coalition column of military vehicles said to be 20 miles long and stretched 10 miles across the desert is already 100 miles inland, now that Iraq's only port has been secured. The 7th missile to be fired at Kuwait was reportedly neutralised by a Patriot battery. Coalition injuries and deaths are on the rise. 12 british troops and 4 marines killed in a helicopter crash. Other marines dead in ground attacks. Speculation is growing that Saddam has been injured after reports of him being stretchered out of a military bunker, seemingly unconcious and wearing an oxygen mask. There are sporadic reports and photos of Iraqi troops deserting and surrendering. Whether it's propaganda or not, I hope the Yanks do the right thing and don't walk all over the Geneva Convention like they circumvented the UN.
Meanwhile, North Korea has accused the US of trying to prove that it can fight two wars at once, and claims that the military war games in South Korea are on the verge of bringing about nuclear war on the Korean peninsula.


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