Related to the F1 story, it really chaps my hide when people moan and bitch about Michael Schumacher and Ferrari dominating Formula 1. Any team could do what Ferrari do, but I guess they don't have the perserverance or expertise. Remember back in the late 80's and early 90's when everyone said "it's all the car" ?
Schumacher left Benetton Renault and they've never been the same since. 6 years ago, Ferrari were the laughing stock of the F1 world - couldn't finish a race, let alone win. Now they're on top and everyone's bitching about it. Maybe the other teams should do some real work, get their drivers to train properly and get their fingers out of their mechanic's arses. If Ferrari can go from laughing stock to outright winners in such a short period of time, so can the rest of them. If Williams, McLaren and the others put as much effort into ensuring a win as they did bitching about Ferrari, they'd be unstoppable.


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