Meanwhile, ComCast, sorry, AT&T continue to win friends and influence people. They've taken to sending letters to their 'unlimited broadband' customers telling them that they're using too much bandwidth. When questioned about what acceptable use limits they have, they refuse to tell. I guess to AT&T, unlimited doesn't mean unlimited. Someone should buy that bunch of jerks a dictionary and point out that AT&T aren't liable for special dispensation in the use of the English language. To wit:

un·lim·it·ed (adj) Date: 15th century
1 : lacking any controls : UNRESTRICTED
3 : not bounded by exceptions : UNDEFINED

Synonyms LIMITLESS, boundless, endless, immeasurable, indefinite, infinite, measureless, unbounded, unmeasured

Au contraire:
com-cast (adj)
1 : lacking any common sense
2 : clueless, moronic, uncaring


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