Sheesh. The RIAA wheeled out the big guns today and issued over 260 lawsuits. Wonder if I'm one of them?
Meanwhile, Vietraq is costing the US a lot more than Bush thought. Last night he asked Congress to approve an additional $87 billion to continue military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Then he had the gall to announce that was going to ask more nations to help pay the cost.

Why, exactly?
Wasn't it Bush who said, and I think I quote "The United Nations Security Council has not lived up to its responsibilities, so we will rise to ours."

Now not only does he want the UN to bail him out so he can reallocate his military to invading Saudi, or Iran, or Syria, but he wants everyone else to bear the cost of his war? The short answer, of course, is NO!

Listen up Bush - Your responsibility is to rebuild Iraq - you invaded it without UN authority, you put the occupying force there (note : occupying, not liberating). No you rise to your responsibility.


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