Not that politicians are fond of knee-jerk politics, but it's an astounding coincidence that today, the day after Rumsfeld was rushed to Iraq, the Americans have let 250 prisoners out of Abu Ghraib prison.

It's amazing how coincidental well-timed El Busho's master plan is isn't it? I mean to think? That he'd planned to release them today, somehow knowing ahead of time, when the plan was drawn up, that the prisoner abuse scandal would surface and be coming to a head this weekend? Damn - that's amazing.

If he were any less of a president, one might suspect that this is a panic reaction to win voters over and calm the temper of the Arab world, but El Busho has proven to be such a master of military tactics, that clearly this couldn't be the case. It must have been in the "plan" right from the beginning.

Wow. I'm stunned.

And shocked at how the papers and news channels can report this without once touching on the fact that this isn't in any plan (there is no plan) but clearly is a panic reaction. Come on! Do you think we're all retarded or something?


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