Gillette - putting weapons into the hands of terrorist.

With all of the headlines and commotion about hyped-up security at this year's political conventions you'd think that someone would have thought twice about the decision to place boxes of Gillette razors in each of the welcome bags handed out with credentials to the delegates and the press....
Boston-based Gillette reportedly spent over a million dollars on the product placement, only to have:
[a] their products unused as all of the razors were confiscated when convention-goers attempted to pass through security; and [b] their name taken in vain repeatedly because the already-long security lines became even more backed-up due to the razor snafu.

This is so funny on two levels. First that Gillette would make that mistake to start with, and second that the security guards are so anal that they think that safety razors are actually such a threat that they need to be confiscated. You could do more damage with a ballpoint pen or fountain pen (sharp, and can contain a poison that could be injected) than you could with a standard safety razor. Lest we not forget the fabricated panic in 2001 and 2002 about Al Qaeda using pen-bombs and pens to deliver anthrax.

I bet all the delegates have pens.....oh God no! All the delegates are terrorists!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!

Oh wait, no. This isn't Fox News or CNN. Sorry. Stand down everyone.


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