No more smiling on your passport photo. And comb your hair, you wanker.

With immediate effect, no-one can be shown smiling in their passport photograph. All passports issued from today must show the bearer "looking straight at the camera, with a neutral expression, with their mouth closed". The Home Office said the move was essential to fight fraud and keep terrorists out of the country.

Miserable f*cking killjoys.

There's nothing else to say, although how it can be "essential" to look miserable on your passport photo I don't know. They claim it's so that the biometric digital information about your face, which will be stored on a chip in your passport from next year, will match up with face-scanners at the airports. Obviously they're reckoning on everyone looking miserable coming through the airports as well then.

Here's a thought. Smile for your original photos, and then smile at the face scanner when you go through an airport. Really - it isn't that difficult.


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