XP - the taker of productivity.

What is it with Microsoft and their operating systems? Why is it that each release gets less reliable, more unstable, and more buggy? XP has got to be the single worst product that company has ever produced. It is so buggy and so unstable it's a miracle I ever get anything done. Despite Microsoft's claims to the contrary, XP does have a blue screen of death. I see it about twice a day. The first one just happened as I was hitting "save" in my application. Thankfully, it crashed mid-save and corrupted the file, because I didn't really want the last hour's worth of work. I was just fiddling with the mouse and randomly building polygons for the hell of it.
Jesus, Gates - why can't you EVER make your company write f*cking software that works???? You have no excuse - you've been doing it for years. You know in most industries, the latest version of something tends to build on the experience of what has gone before. It does not, as in Microsoft's case, introduce more bugs, more flaws, and more instability.


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