All quiet on the western front.

I spent a lazy couple of days blowing stuff up and murdering people in GTA:San Andreas again this weekend. I have to say the game is quite educational. I'm learning all sorts of new profanities and swear words I didn't even know existed. The difference, of course, is that being a sensible regular person, I can tell the difference between a videogame and real life. If you were to believe the hairy-legged no-bra-wearing unwashed anti video-game activists, then this weekend I'll be going out to knock over a couple of convenience stores, run over children and grandparents with my car and indulge in an orgy of hot lead destined to go down as one of the worst killing sprees in history.
Yeah right.
Au contraire, it's the activists who are the real danger. Some of them believe so unwaiveringly in their crusade against games like GTA that they know no limits when it comes to spreading their message. They also clearly don't understand one simple fact : no videogame has ever incited someone to commit real-life violence. Of course people with already violent tendancies might use these games as the excuse, but no law-abiding, peace-loving general member of the populous has ever played something like GTA, then flipped out and murdered someone. Ever.

Meanwhile, Paula arrived back safely on sunday. I didn't get a call from the airport so I spent a couple of hours beside myself in despair on sunday because I thought the immigration people had gotten to her. In the end I managed to get the INS office to give me some secret code word. When I phoned the airline and use the code word, they were able to confirm she'd caught the connecting flight - something they wouldn't normally do because of privacy concerns etc.

[ding]"And today's code word is Fahrfenheugen."


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