Chilly weekend, chilly financial outlook. Unless you're in Texas.

We went to see "National Treasure" this weekend. Top film - number 1 for the third week running. That's a good omen and could spell at least one sequel.
The weather is still mighty chilly - it still hasn't gone above zero yet. The snow is melting slowly though. Did some sale shopping this weekend. $6 for winter gloves, $4 each for T-shirts, $20 for winter boots. I love the sales :-)

Meanwhile, and I know I said I wouldn't blog about him again, but this is priceless.
El Busho is laying the groundwork for scrapping the federal deduction for state local taxes. "Coincidentally" this will affect the blue states more than the red states. And "coincidentally" the two states predicted to see virtually no effect from this? Texas and Florida. What a surprise. According to the BBC, when asked why this was happening, one congressional staffer said "This is very real. They need the money desperately. It's one of the only things they can attempt to do to finance tax reform."
Well if you hadn't wasted $148,727,162,000 on waging an unneccesary war in Iraq, you wouldn't need that money now would you?

So everything that Kerry said would happen if Bush stayed in, is starting to happen. Taxes are going up, perks are coming off, the rich are getting richer. I'm sure it will only be a matter of days now before the draft is re-instated.


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