Prophecy isn't particularly calming to the mind.

See my post yesterday about the London police's incapacity to be able to stop any act of terrorism? Sadly, it only took 24 hours to prove me right. This morning, multiple bombs have gone off on the tubes and buses in London, crippling the city and killing at least 37 so far and injuring over 700. Some previously unheard of group claiming to be a radical European arm of Al Qaeda has claimed responsibility but that seems highly unlikely. This smacks of IRA to me.
If it does turn out to be related to Iraq, perhaps now Blair will listen to the majority of the public, stop supporting B*sh, and get the fuck out of Iraq.
Of course B*sh hopped on the bandwagon instantly and blamed Al Qaeda and trotted out one of his "we must fight terrorism wherever it is" speeches. The simple fact is this : if this is tied to Iraq, then it wouldn't have happened at all if B*sh hadn't invaded the country on a lie. Pot. Kettle. Black. Who is the terrorist to blame here?

It really irritates the piss out of me when people jump to conclusions when stuff like this happens. Remember the bombs in Spain? Everyone instantly blamed Eta for them and it turned out not to be the case. It's the same here. Everyone in the media, and people like B*sh are blaming Al Qaeda yet the people who've claimed responsibility have never been heard of before. That is just so unlikely. What is more likely is that this is the work of the IRA, and some local crackpot has jumped at the opportunity to take responsibility in the name of Al Qaeda.

It's interesting that in the press interviews, someone asked London's chief of antiterrorism if this was the work of Islamic terrorists. His reply was "those two words do not go together." At least that spokesperson has a brain that is still working.


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