Best quote of the year so far.

From a French group who go around letting the air out of SUV tyres :
"We don't want SUVs to be seen as a sign of wealth, but something that is associated with an imbecile."
Hear hear!
It's funny how with the high price of petrol now, the GMs and Fords of the world are now putting gas-mileage as their number one selling point - on their truck and SUV adverts. They're actually proud that their trucks get 14mpg ! 14! That's not something to be proud of. That's something to be embarrased and ashamed of. I've never built an internal combustion engine, but I know if I did, it would be almost impossible for me to build a V8 that only returned 14mpg. You'd have to be a totally clueless engineer or in the pocket of the oil companies to make an engine with such appalling gas mileage. I suspect the latter.


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