The word is "Christmas" damnit!

This whole political correctness thing has to stop, right now.
Lambeth council, in south London, has started advertising it's Christmas lights festivities as "Winter Lights" and "Celebration Lights" for fear of offending other faiths.

No. Just stop it. It's not "seasonal festivities", it's not "winter celebration", it's not "december festival". The goddamn word is Christmas.

If you're going to get all PC and stop calling it Christmas, then you should also get equally politically correct about some other festivities:
Ramadan needs to be renamed "The voluntary fasting of that other faith".
Hannukah needs to be renamed "The eight-day feast of the Jews".

See how stupid that looks? Good. F*ck the other faiths. We don't have problems with them using their holiday names, so if they're the ones who have a problem with the word "Christmas" then they're the ones that can f*ck off back to their own countries.


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