Xbollox 360 "flacid" in Japan

One of Microsoft's published goals with the Xbollox360 was to capture and take over the Japanese gaming market. This weekend marked the beginning of that onslaught. Feverish queues of eager Japanese gamers snapped up 62,135 machines over the weekend. Or to put it into perspective, only 39% of the 159,000 units that were shipped to stores.
Believe it or not, this launches the Xbollox360 off to an even slower start than the original Xbollox in Japan. The original black space heater shifted nearly double the number in its first couple of days - 123,000 units.
So I guess their quest for the Japanese market has fallen flat on its face - more so than the original launch.

Which is terribly funny.

Roll on the PS3.


Anonymous said…
Hmmm... I wouldn't touch one with someone else's bargepole, but I know lots of people who do want one.

I don't suppose there's much chance of getting the Japs to ship their unwanted X-Box360's to the UK in time for Christmas. There's a serious shortage here. Do eBay have a Japanese site???

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