And another retard removes himself from the gene pool.

Darwin Awards nominees are getting younger all the time. Yesterday some doofus 15 year old painted his replica 9mm pellet gun to look just like the real thing, then took it to school, took it out and started waving it around. He marched a 13 year old classmate up to the blackboard with the gun stuck in the small of his back. The school was locked down, SWAT was called in and after chasing him to a bathroom where he refused to put the gun down, they shot and killed him. Bravo I say.
The parents are now complaining that it was excessive force, yet witnesses including classmates said they all thought the gun was real and they were right next to the kid. The 13-year old is probably going to need psychological help for the rest of his life. Excessive force? Absolutely not. When some wanker school kid thinks it's a big joke to whip out a gun at school, fake or not, he deserves everything he gets. Perhaps the very upset parents should have spent a little more time teaching their kid manners and common sense and a little less time feeding him McDonalds and using the TV as a babysitter.
And here's an idea, and I know it's way out there, but perhaps if guns weren't so readily available over here, this would not have happened in the first place.


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