Zillow.com - this year's first spoof site.

I read an article on the c|net blogs today about zillow.com - supposedly a new homebuyer's website which can be used to calculate all manner of things to do with the value of your home. Well it's either a great scam or needs some serious attention. I zillowed our house and it pinged up a home value of $2,677,525. That's right - $2.6million. Shit - I'm rich!
Of course zillow.com is a spoof site - if you believe this site, most of Utah is nearly billionaire territory. Some of the property on the benches is going for $1.36billion. Check out their published average house price for utah! (click this link to see for yourself):

Most of the "features" just take you to a generic error page, the mapping doesn't work very well, most of the links are broken - the typical indicators of a joke site. And it's not even April 1st yet either. I think they shot their load a couple of months early :-)


Mark N. said…
I don't know, I did this over the weekend too, and my house was somwhere north or 2 million also, but when I looked up the tax information on the same site it was right on the money. I think somehow the database for our area is all out of whack...However I will reduce the price of my house by 1 million and sell it to the first guy that will give me 1.5 for it :-)

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