Qviet! Ze varmonger ist speaking!

Herr B*sh has gone off the deep end this morning by reaffirming one of his most controversial policies: reserving the right to launch a pre-emptive strike. In other words, he still believes its a good idea to attack another country that has not attacked the U.S. – if it is deemed necessary to halt the spread of weaponsofmassdestruction.
Shit. I know history repeats itself. But within 3 years? Apparently he really is stupid and/or insane and he certainly has chronic short-term memory loss. It seems he's the only one who doesn't remember that whole ongoing Iraq fiasco. Something to do with lying to America, lying to the UN, invading on a country that hadn't (and couldn't) attack America, causing massive civilian and military deaths and leaving a country in civil war because of his personal desire to wage war.
Faulty intelligence my arse. Perhaps we should all go and see V for Vendetta and try to get his rating below 36% before he invokes the mandatory draft to support his next war in Iran.
Sieg Heil, herr B*sh.
I'll stop comparing B*sh to Hitler when he stops acting like him. Until then, read up on why it's not just me making these comparisons.


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