Why is nothing to do with PCs ever easy?

I went to uninstall the Nvidia graphics card drivers on a PC in my cube, and when it was done, discovered that the PC had an Nvidia motherboard, so it had uninstalled all the drivers for everything.
Since when does a graphics card manufacturer start making motherboards?
That's a really nice gotcha, Mr Nvidia. Especially for people used to installing and uninstalling graphics card drivers.


banjarconverto said…
I'm sorry to blow your bubble,but NVidia has been making NForce motherboard for a few years. Now they are at NForce4 already (4th generation).

If I'm not mistaken, whenever you want to uninstall NVidia graphics drivers on an NVidia mobo, a popup window will come out, asking whether you want to uninstall display, IDE, or network driver. I was surprised at first, but then I realised that NVidia has an incorporated single uninstaller for any NVidia components, although you click on a specific Nvidia driver uninstaller, just like in your case.

I rant about NVidia a few times in my blog too. However, they do have a solid products anyway :)
Chris said…
However, they do have a solid products anyway

Amen to that. Not like that ATi shit.

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