America's car - the Toyota.

Ford has launched a campaign to try to save it's ass by appealing to American's patriotism. Catchphrase? "Red, White & Bold".
One of the stuffed shirts is quoted as saying "Americans really do want to buy American brands. We will compete vigorously to be America's car company."
Fantastic. I mean what could be more American than the classic muscle car, the Mustang? Well, apparently, the Toyota Sienna minivan.
And how can this be? Simple. Only 65% of the parts in a Mustang are sourced and fabricated in America. The Sienna minivan, on the other hand, has 90% of its parts sourced and fabricated in America. So American-assembled Toyotas are far more American than Ford.
Now that's just embarrassing for them.


Anonymous said…
Hey, even archnemesis GM is now a Chinese car company.

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