The petrol price conundrum.

Here's one for you. Why is the price of petrol at the pump more expensive right now than it was last year after hurricane Katrina supposedly damaged all the Gulf Of Mexico refineries? The price of a barrel of oil is about the same now - $70 a barrel but I'm paying a good 35¢ more per gallon at the pump.
Of course it's not at all curious given Bush and the oil companies over here. My guess is the actual price at the pump should be around $2.05 a gallon right now. The other 90¢ is pure greed on the behalf of the pump owners and the oil companies. And I don't for one millisecond believe the yarn that petrol station owners only make 3¢ off every gallon. That's total bullshit. If that was the case they'd all have gone out of business a long time ago.


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