America collapse at the world cup.

Now I'm not big into football, but America collapsed like the English cricket team today under pressure from Czechoslovakia. 2-0 in the first half, ending the game at 3-0. That's a pretty poor start, but then again, Americans don't really play football so it's not that unexpected. Budweiser might be reconsidering their sponsorship - just because an American company throws millions at sponsoring a sports event doesn't mean the team will do any better.
The match I'm interested in is Holland's next one - versus Argentina. That has the potential to be epic.


Patrick from Italy said…
Hollands next match is actually against Ivory Coast. But cool anyway that you still keep this warm feeling for Holland :-)
Anonymous said…
Chris - you know FIFA rank the USA as the #5 team in the whole world?

England are #10 and the Netherlands are #3.

Clearly #5 is waaay wrong, but what about #3 and #10?

Chris said…
I thought it was #4 which is an even bigger mystery. It doesn't matter. The US team isn't going to get anywhere until the US public understand what football is :-)

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