Budweiser have no sense of humour.

FIFA have confirmed that they ordered hundreds of Dutch fans to take off their trousers before entering the stadium for their country's World Cup match against Ivory Coast on Friday. The fans were all wearing Holland-orange dungarees bearing the Bavaria Bier logo - not one of the World Cup official sponsors.

Budweiser complained. FIFA acted. The fans were all forced to de-pants, and were half-naked at the match.

This proves three things.
1. Apart from their beer being distilled cow piss, Budweiser have no sense of humour.
2. Thousands of naked fans at a football match are far better advertising and publicity than Bavaria could have ever hoped for.
3. No matter how much money, advertising and sponsorship Budweiser throw at the World Cup, America still isn't going to win.

Fueled by their pantsless fans, Holland won the game :-)


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