The DPRK missile test.

Media bias is an interesting thing. The DPRK's missile test yesterday was reported to have failed a mere 600km off the Japanese coast, in the Sea of Japan.
Sounds scary until you look at a map.
Let's put it another way - the missile barely got 250km away from the DPRK. It was nowhere near Japan.
The following from Google earth. The DPRK missile sites are in the north, not that it really matters. The white line is a 600km line from Japan into the Sea Of Japan.
I guess the media thought it best to panic people by giving us the number in terms of distance-to-a-friendly country rather than distance-from-source.
More interesting is that if you trace the coastline of Japan 600km out into the Sea Of Japan (the red line), most of the line actually runs through the DPRK itself, so if the missile was fired from the south, it barely travelled 50km.


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