Israel - environmental terrorists too.

Not content with the carpet-bombing genocide they're wreaking on Lebanon's civilian population at the moment, (Qana, anyone?) Israel have turned to environmental terrorism too. Thanks to a well-planned bombing of a Lebanese power plant last week, the Mediterranean is threatened by its worst ever environmental disaster because thousands of tons of fuel oil are gushing into the sea. 15,000 tons by the latest count. In fact, enough to show up on satellite imagery.

What defies belief is the Israeli response to some questions about their tactics. Last week, some Israeli stuffed shirt was asked "do you think your response was disproportionate?" to which he replied "yes - it was too small. If you had been attacked like we were, you would have responded with far greater force."
Israel wasn't attacked. Two soldiers were abducted - that's hardly an attack. And it certainly doesn't warrant the war-criminal-like retaliation they've used.
You know if I didn't know any better, I'd say this whole thing was planned by Bush and his cronies. I mean we've seen and heard bunker-buster bombs being dropped on Lebanon and nobody has yet commented in the media that (a) Israel doesn't have bunker-busters and (b) even if it did, it doesn't have any aircraft capable of delivering them. It wouldn't surprise me to find out that American war planes are flying Lebanese sorties from Saudi or Germany.


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