We're still here then?

With the escalating war in Israel, it's a pleasure to wake up and still be alive this morning. Israel aren't known for their tolerance and self-moderation, so I was fully expecting them to have nuked Lebanon by now. Bush has advised restraint (pot, meet kettle) but it doesn't matter what the international community tells them, they're playing the victim card (as usual), and when it comes down to it, you just know those f*ckers won't think twice about turning Lebanon into a glass parking lot.
Things are getting really bad. The wholesale evacuation of European and US citizens has begun with Blair sending carriers to evacuate the English and Bush sending helicopter to start on the Americans.
Meanwhile the troop drawdown in Iraq continues quietly - the war in Israel is a nice diversion from that bit of news. I wouldn't want to be the pilot in the last helicopter picking up the last few Americans from the roof of the US embassy in Baghdad (a la Vietnam).


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