From the department of the bleeding obvious.

On Reuters today:
Airline passengers willing to put up with aggressive new airport security measures are enjoying the unexpected serenity that comes from boarding flights with considerably less carry-on luggage. Travelers and flight crew report faster boarding, less competition for overhead storage and frictionless deplaning in the seven weeks since a foiled terror plot in Britain prompted the U.S. government to crack down on carry-on items. Many travelers responded by checking all their bags. An unintended benefit has been a smoother boarding process.

Hmm. Well of course this does seem a lot like the true reason behind the 'alleged' 'plot' 'scare'. The airlines wanted more on-time departures. Like I said - there had to be a reason behind it and it had to be to do with money. We have to buy drinks in the 'secure' area now - money for the airports. And with less carry-on, there are less delays - more money for the airlines.

Come on people - it's just too obvious.


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