That would certainly explain it.

Pneumonia - sort of explains why I've felt so shitty for two weeks. As far as I can gather, it sort of went like this : I caught something on the plane back from England and fought it off without noticing. At this point my immune system was under attack and I got post-viral bronchitis - the nasty shit I had two weeks ago. I fought that off but it left my mucous membranes susceptible to bacterial infection so on the friday after that when I started to feel bad again (a week ago), it was basically the onset of lobar pneumonia.
It's like a disaster movie.
Anyway - went to the emergency medical centre today (the regular place was closed because of the holiday) and was diagnosed there. They gave me the option of 10 days tablets, or a shot plus 5 days tablets. I took the shot and literally within 15 minutes was feeling almost 100% better. I've got these nice pink azithromycin tablets to take for 5 days now. The doc said they're the 'nuclear weapon' of antibiotics, by which I presume she means it's one of the ones that still works. Either way, to cap this entry off with a little too much information for you, 20 minutes ago I coughed up something that even I was afraid to look at. You know it's bad when your own body produces something that amazes even you :-)


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