Happy new year's eve eve

Thanks to the LDS church, New Year's Eve this year has been moved to tonight in some places here in Utah. Provo, specifically. They interviewed some people on the news tonight and one guy hit the nail on the head. When it was put to him that the entire rest of the world would, surprisingly, celebrate New Year's Eve on the 31st, he said "we don't live in the rest of the world here in Provo".
I mean come on - what sort of a bell-end do you need to be to accept New Year's Eve a day early? The crowds must have been in the tens if what we saw on TV was representative. I doubt if there were even a hundred people there because - and this is the best part - the celebrations were largely done by 21:00. So they didn't even do it a day early - they did it 27 hours early.
And the LDS church wonders why people have an odd view of them.


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