Little things that piss me off.

People who leave shopping carts all over the parking lot. These people are too fucking lazy to walk 6 car lengths to put the cart back in the cart corral. Instead they prefer to leave them precariously perched in parking spaces, leaning against people's cars, ready to slide downhill at a moment's notice.
It's people like this that are ever so gradually eating away at the quality of life. They're so inconsiderate, so self-centred, so egotistical that it's clearly below them to actually do anything decent any more. These are the people who don't hold doors open, the people who double-park in narrow entrances, the people who spit out of car windows on the motorway. These are the people who file class action suits so that they can get their $500 back from an insurance company, enticing more of their kind to participate so that everyone else's rates go up. But heck - what the fuck? They got their $500 so it's all cool with them. Screw everyone else.
These are the people who are devolving back to knuckle-dragging cavemen.

These are the people I hate the most.


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