Stupid fast.

This A4 I've got on rental is stupid fast. I mean insane. It's quick for any car, let alone a diesel. The 'S' mode on the gearbox is a scream. A nice windy section of country road that normally takes me 20 minutes took barely 15 last night. Good job there were no coppers around. It's black, German, automotive porn.


Anonymous said…
Chris, does switching driving sides cause any incovinience or difficulty for you?
Chris said…
Not really. I drove over here all the time we lived here. The only thing I don't like is that you can't turn left on red at the traffic lights and the police take an insane amount of interest in you if you overtake on the wrong side (to help traffic flow). They'd sooner you all sit in the right hand lane behind some retard doing 50mph than actually use your noggin and help the traffic flow.

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