Chemical Ali sentenced.

Apparently we've resurrected the dead corpse of Chemical Ali in Iraq so that he can be tried and found guilty, then sentenced to death.
At least that's the best I can make of the story given that he was supposedly found dead after an airstrike in 2003.: CNN

Actually, we apparently killed him several times before capturing him. Amazing.
March 21st 2003: ABC
March 23rd 2003: Washington Post
April 7th 2003: CNN
April 8th 2003 (but by a different method): Guardian

Oddly, most of these reports, if you research them, are attributable to Donald Rumsfeld and Dubya.

It couldn't be that we were being lied to yet again about the war could it?
It defies belief that Bush can be proven to be guilty of lying about so many things, be responsible for over 72,000 civilian deaths in Iraq, and be proven to be responsible for over 3,560 US military deaths, and yet somehow still be "President".

Oh and before you go trying to defend Bush: Fact - he's the commander in chief which - fact - makes him ultimately responsible for sending 3,560 servicemen and women to their deaths, and - fact - if he hadn't lied about WMD and invaded Iraq, those civilians would not have been killed because of the civil war he created.


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