We went up to Park City today to test-drive the new Smart car. They're finally going to start selling them here in the US, probably in Q1 next year. Paula and I both took a drive - they're a hoot. Higher off the ground than the Subaru but a bit lower than the Element. The gearbox was a bit odd in the way it shifted but apart from that it was great. I can see their biggest hurdle to overcome here in America is going to be that people will perceive it to be unsafe. I suppose for those people, the fact that a Smart stands up to a 70mph crash test into a concrete wall every bit as good as a regular compact car just won't help. Like they say in the test - the Smart can take a lot of stick. The squishy human inside is what would fail.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Feds over here find some Big-Oil sponsored reason to deny the Smart a 5-star safety rating, but we'll have to see.
For the time being we're going to put ourselves on the $99 pre-order list for them. Sweet. Or should I say Smart.


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