Actually, I was joking.

A about a week ago, when California was on fire, I said to my wife : "I'm surprised CNN hasn't managed to link this to terrorism." I was, of course, joking. Well it seems the government bugs in our house picked that up and transmitted it to FauxNews who ran with the story. They went on air and managed to link the wildfires in California with Al Qaeda. They made up some bullshit story about a captured operative telling government interrogators that Al Qaeda were planning to set forest fires.

(blinks, in disbelief)

Ok look. This has to stop. This constant crap-mongering by the news channels to try to keep people afraid is ridiculous. More worrying is that nearly 50% of the country probably actually believe this bullshit. It's amazing how people can watch CNN and FauxNews can do so without realising that they're essentially watching the equivalent of 1940's Nazi propaganda (but with higher production costs). Open your eyes! Most of the mainstream cable news channels are simply Whitehouse-run propaganda machines trying desperately to keep the public scared to death because the Bush Regime is telling them to.

For the Bushies out there, there's a couple of things you've clearly forgotten:

  1. Terrorism exists all over the world, but it's not to blame for every single mishap.
  2. You cannot win a "war on terrorism" - it's impossible. To argue otherwise is an admission that you're clinically insane and should be removed from public circulation before you do something dangerous.
  3. Terrorist attacks have persisted long after 9/11, long after the US invasion of Iraq. Bush and his stormtroopers haven't made a single bit of difference.
  4. It could be successfully argued that Bush has in fact just made it worse.

I think Lynne Cheney said it best when she exposed her true views on the Daily Show. Jon Stewart pointed out that the terrorist attacks haven't stopped, and that to claim that "fighting them over there so they won't attack us over here" is a flawed idea. Lynne Cheney then let slip "We're talking about American interests". In other words, they really could care less about the attacks in Spain, London, Africa etc. As long as America's allies are being attacked and not America itself, that's just fine according to the current mantra. This is all part of the El Busho mantra that "we haven't been attacked since 9/11 because of Bush's actions". Umm. Ok - I see where you're going here. How about this - "we haven't been attacked since 9/11 because the amount of Nigerian spam in our inboxes has quadrupled".
You simply cannot link two facts together and use one to explain the other. Especially when one of them isn't even a fact. (the "not being attacked" part, I mean)


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