The biggest improvement they could make in Windows.

Apart from removing all the bloat and taking out all the unnecessary "improvements", the biggest thing that could be done to Windows is to give it X-like window focus. ie. to stop other processes from stealing the focus away from the window you're working in.
Our corporate overlords demanded a bunch of patches be installed this morning, so I set them going and got the message that I could carry on using the PC because all this guff would be installed in the background. Except that stupid install windows kept popping up dialogue and notification windows, stealing the focus. At one point, apparently mid-typing, one of them not only popped up, but utilised the space bar as the 'cancel' function. So mid-sentence, as I was typing, I hit the space bar as this installer window came up and cancelled whatever it was doing. A minute later, the same thing happened but this time the thing stole focus, intercepted my keystrokes and arbitrarily rebooted my PC, deleting everything I'd been working on.

Genius. Bloody brilliant. Give a gold star to the retard at Microsoft that thought this was a good idea.

I just don't understand why we have to put up with shit like this. It really can't be that difficult to make an operating system that just works.


Mystery Girl said…
I'll tell you the biggest improvement - strap a couple of sticks of dynamite to it and blow the thing to hell. I hate windows it's bloatware and I hate the way it thinks it knows what you want it to do. Windows sucks!
Anonymous said…
In addition to your complaint .... occasionally I'll type a whole sentence with the Caps Lock key on and then relaize it and have to retype the whole sentence. How hard would it be to allow you to select the "incorrect case" sentence, right click on it, then select "reverse case"?


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