Another 11 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Bloody windows crashed for the third time today. Because of whatever the hell they've done to our machines, it now takes 11 minutes from typing my password to actually being able to do something when logging in to winblows now. That's 33 minutes today. Given that my PC crashes for no apparent reason an average of twice a day, assume 22 minutes a day x 5 days = 110 minutes a week - round up and say 2 hours a week wasted because of crappy bloatware.
To put it another way, I pay Bill Gates over 4 days a year of my life just wasting time. I reckon you could put a monetary value on that. We have 18,000 employees in this company. If we're all wasting 4 days a year each, shouldn't Micro$oft be paying us for this? Some quick maths and I reckon that means Micro$oft costs us $280,778,400 a year in lost time. That's quite a chunk of change.


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