Blame the motorist - the ongoing debate.

There was a case of Darwinism here around Christmas time where a bunch of girls ran across the I-15 motorway at night, in an unlit section. Inevitably, one of them was hit and killed, like you'd expect. Turns out they did eventually find the driver, and he's now in jail. He was charged with "failing to stop". Apparently, not only are we expected to dodge pedestrians on the city streets, we're now also supposed to stop in 4 lanes of 75mph traffic to let them cross the motorway too. Of course that would never cause an accident.
Then last night there was a story about an unlit section of North Temple where pedestrians regularly get culled due to their own dim-wittedness. The solution? Sharper prosecutions of the drivers who hit them and lowered speed limits. Never mind making the pedestrians responsible for their actions - no - it's far easier to blame the hapless driver who is presented with a slow-moving, unlit obstacle where he doesn't expect to see one.
As with so many things nowadays, common sense has gone out the window in favour of political correctness.
You know what? If a pedestrian steps into a road and they're not in a pedestrian crossing; tough. If they're that stupid and have so little sense of self-preservation, then removing them from the gene pool would seem like the kindest thing to do. There are laws about jaywalking but the police seem far more eager to prosecute the drivers than the jaywalking at-fault pedestrians. I have zero sympathy or tolerance for people who get mown down because of their own stupidity.
I look for crosswalks and pedestrian crossings when I'm on foot. I give way to cars and trucks in parking lots and I don't idly wander around in traffic. It's really not that difficult.


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