Here's an idea...

I can just see the management meeting at Microsoft:
Manager: "For this new version of Office, we need to make sure it's 100% incompatible with all previous versions so that when someone saves their work, nobody with an older version will be able to open the file."

All: "Oh bravo! Yes! Well done."

Yes - I had my first exposure today to Office Vista, or Office 2007, or Office Crapware or whatever it's called. Someone sent me an Excel file saved in the new version and of course, our version of Office won't open the file. It helpfully told me I could install a "compatibility" pack to work with the file. So I downloaded that and installed it, and now when I try to open the file, I get "file format conversion failure". As best as I can tell, the "compatibility pack" is simply an advert to try to get you to buy the new version of Office:

Fucking microsoft.


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