Stop the presses : Terminal 5 has problems.

No, seriously. I mean we all knew it would be a disaster on the day it opened but that seems to have taken the press by surprise. Baggage has vanished or been delayed 3 hours in the baggage system that they knew had faults in it. (the computer can't deal with the number of bags). Huge check-in lines formed - something the PR people promised would never happen but we knew it would. Most flights were delayed and 34 were cancelled completely.

Entertainingly, escalators and moving walkways were also broken on the first day. I mean it's nothing new - none of them ever work in Heathrow or Gatwick anyway - but to have them pre-broken before the first passenger set foot in the terminal is pure genius.

They didn't even bother making the terminal wheelchair accessible - a slight oversight in this politically-correct day and age. At least one passenger missed their flight because they physically couldn't get their wheelchair into the terminal because of all the kerbs.

Ah yes. Best of British and all that.


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