Bush's nu-cu-lar war ambitions.

Not content with the middle-eastern mess he's created, it looks like Bush is going to get his nuclear war with Iran before he gets to the end of his term although he's likely relying on Israel to pull the trigger. The US has been quietly suggesting to Israel that they provoke Iran into attacking them. The Israeli Air Force exercise over Iran a few days ago resulted in Iran test-firing missiles yesterday and today. The Bush regime have said they'll "defend our allies" if they're attacked by Iran. It's assumed that Israel have their own nukes, either self-made or provided by the US so if attacked by Iran, Israel will undoubtedly retaliate with those. Bush will then see that as justification to go in all guns blazing.

But Bush and the Iranians are locked in a diplomatic game of "Who's crazier?". With six months left in office, no political capital at home or abroad, the lowest approval rating since Nixon, a country he's brought to it's knees with recession, and a uniformed military ready to rebel at the first talk of a new war, the Bush regime can't really do much other than threaten military strikes in hopes of bluffing Tehran into a compromise on its nuclear program.

The problem is that given the Bush regime's "preventive war" doctrine which has opened the way for the launching of wars without significant notice or obvious provocation, and the penchant of its officials to ignore reality, all of this sabre-rattling should frighten everyone. There's a very good chance he'll stop threatening and simply lob long-range nukes even if the American public are against it, by using one of those "special presidential powers" that he's so keen on. After all, ICBM's don't need the uniformed military to do anything other than turn a key.

I really don't understand the whole Israel thing. Is it because there is so much Jewish / Israeli money in the US? Shouldn't we just leave them all to fight it out amongst themselves? Why do we have any interest?


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