It's not just me.

A colleague of mine took his family to the baseball game this weekend. By the time they got there, the stadium parking lots were full so they used one of the many event parking lots that are available during the games. They paid $10 and were ushered into a nice parking area along with a bunch of other cars. When they came out after the game, all the cars had been towed, costing $270 to get them back.
My colleage called the police, who came out, and had the balls to tell him that no crime had taken place other than him parking on private property, which is why he was towed.
So the criminals who took $10 off loads of drivers for "event parking" didn't commit fraud apparently, despite the fact that they had no rights to the land, no business permits and no insurance. No - they just chose a likely looking plot of land, had an "event parking" board made, and then robbed people blind.
And the police say there's no crime with that.

It's going to happen. One day, good, law-abiding people are going to rise up and put an end to this shit.


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