Microsoft spending $300M to tell consumers Vista doesn't suck.

Well that's $300M down the drain then, because Vista both sucks and blows at the same time. XP is slow enough - why would I want to bog my PC down even further with the ridiculous amount of unnecessarily bloat in Vista?

Their first salvo in this campaign? Equating "Vista misconceptions" to the time when we thought the earth was flat:

Microsoft sails into the 15th century

$300M to tell us Vista doesn't suck

The top 100 reasons to use Vista

That last one is entertaining. I think I might put together a 100-point debunking of that one, starting with item 1 :

Windows Vista makes using your PC a breeze.
Well that's total bollocks right up front. How can billions of "security" popups, non-working printers, non-working games, a slow system loaded with software bloat and DRM applied to every file be "a breeze" to use? I've tried it. It sucks.

The really interesting part is that they're planning to stop selling XP on July 30th - or was that June 30th? I don't know, but at the moment, there's enough big-ticket players (like Fedex and UPS) who can't switch to Vista because of all it's problems. Unless Microsoft sorts those big customers out, how is the home user supposed to deal with it?


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