Ultra-cheap petrol

Dec 10, 2008 | | |

For those of you reading in England, sorry to tell you this but I just paid the equivalent of 29p / litre for a tank of petrol. That's with the conversion from US gallons as well as the weak pound.

For those of us in America, the UK is currently paying about $5.50 a gallon even with the depressed price of oil. (Although it was up around $14 a gallon this summer due to the stronger pound and the wholesale raping of the motoring public over there).

This is nearly as cheap as it's been since we've lived here. The first tank of petrol I put in the Subaru in 2001 was priced at $1.49 / gallon. Today I paid $1.63.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Now that makes me sick, I just paid 93.9p/L for some 99 octane shell :-(