Some die-hard republicans are having such a hard time with this.

It's interesting to see how some die-hard republicans are dealing with this. Since noon yesterday, I've heard all the following:

"I just don't consider this to be historic."
"Why is everyone getting so excited? It's just a new president."
"I didn't realise it was today."
"I didn't watch because it's not important."

It worries me that after what might be the 8 darkest years in American history, people can't see that no matter which party the new president represents, he was the best chance of not continuing down the same path. I don't know how any intelligent person can stand by and defend anything Bush did, from the stripping away of American's rights and freedoms, to the wanton destruction of the Constitution, to the introduction of the Pre-emptive War, to the trading off of people's basic freedoms in the name of "security" to the "for us or against us" mantra.

Eeesh. Makes my skin crawl.


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