Deltalina's safety video.

I had to post this after seeing the Delta in-flight safety video on YouTube. The video stars aeronautical beverage engineer Katherine Lee, who for some reason the press now refer to as Deltalina. Apparently they think she looks like Angelina Jolie. Can't make the connection myself. Apart from which, the first time I saw it written down, I thought it was pronounced Delta-liner - gave me amusing mental pictures of her having plenty of capacity for passengers. Then when I realised it was Delta-leena, I thought of Thumbelina.

The video itself is so condescending it's like they're talking to a bunch of 3-year-olds. I especially like the no smoking gesture - as if to say "na-ah you naughty little boy". Eesh. Then there's the rampantly gay bloke with the life vest. His sparkly teeth when he holds the seat cushion are just cringe-worthy. The video is clearly the product of an ethically-correct management seminar because it strains to cover all major races, both sexes and a wide spread of age groups. It's not at all subtle.

Anyway, this is Katherine Lee - photographed front three-quarters giving the condescending "no smoking" gesture. She's not an unattractive woman:

Now watch her safety video and marvel at the apparently botox-induced inability to produce any facial expression other than "happy alien". I remember the first time I saw this new video on a Delta flight. When she came on-screen, the entire cabin visibly sat back in their seats away from the screens, all with a slightly horrified look on their faces. It's unfortunate - is it plastic surgery and botox gone bad, or is it just be that they chose to video her in about the most unflattering camera angle and lighting possible? She comes on after the pilot with the wig:


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