We're having a great water year.

Spring is sprung, and here in Utah, you'd never know it. We've had 6 inches of snow in the valley this weekend, with 3 feet in the mountains. We're due for snow and rain continually for at least the next week. This is all excellent news because it gives us the potential for a very good water year. A lot of the reservoirs were quite low at the end of last year. That might not be a problem this year. In fact, Deer Creek was so full when we went past on saturday, they could end up with flooding downstream. It has no meltwater in it yet and is full to the brim.
Saturday was the typical warm before the storm, so I went out and flagged the sprinklers in our garden ready for the planned aeration on friday. The flags are all now buried in the snow, so I might have to reschedule the garden people.
Oh well. I'd rather the hassle now than a drought year later.


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