How am I supposed to rent movies now then?

Oh wonderful.
Looks like Blockbuster are about to vanish :

So let's see.

I won't go the cinema because of the persistent cellphone / talking / kids problem.

My rental store looks like it's going away.

The Netflix subscription is a ripoff - you have to pay even in the months when you don't rent anything, and then you have to pay extra for Blu Ray. They want $13.99 a month for 2 DVDs at a time plus a $3 Blu Ray premium. That's $8 more than Blockbuster for two movies. (And when are there ever more than two a month worth watching?). Or is that extra $8 the "Fast, FREE" delivery they advertise?

Downloading isn't an option because of the spiraling cost of internet access and the total lack of availability of HD movies.

RedBox needs a credit card even for the "free" codes and they don't do BluRay. And any film you want will either be out of stock or the disc will be scratched so much it won't play, and with nothing but a machine to complain to, good luck in getting a replacement.

How am I supposed to rent movies then? Do I now have to buy them and re-sell them at a loss or return them for a refund each time?

This is ridiculous. How can Blockbuster be going out of business?


Russ Francis said…
Only viable option I see anymore is iTunes rental. 3.99 for SD and 4.99 for HD rental... and yes I read your blog once in awhile :D
Chris said…
But then I'm stuck watching a movie on a computer monitor, which is retarded.

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