A miracle of modern technology

There's an interesting story in London today - they're test-running the first air-conditioned tube trains - due for regular service next summer. For sure it's going to make a difference - if you've ever been on one of those noisy sweatboxes in the summer, you'll know just how miserable they area. But the funny part of the story was that Boris Johnson (London's Mayor) claimed that this was a "miracle of modern technology".


Air conditioning has been around for decades - it's not modern. It's not a miracle either.
And then the story went on to explain how the deeper tube lines would have to wait for their air conditioned trains because it was more of a challenge.
Surely if the air conditioning is on the trains, then it's no more challenge to drive them through the subsurface tunnels as it is to drive them through the deep tunnels?

The entire story makes no sense at all: air conditioned tube trains.


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