I hate Microsoft.

Oh you knew that already? So why this morning? Well bloody microsoft bloody word bloody 2007. I've only just started using it and this bloody ribbon interface must have been designed by a blind idiot. Nothing is where you want it to be - nothing makes any sense, and trying to find anything takes forever. All I wanted to do this morning was add a bullet list - that's all. In old Word it was simple - click the bullet list icon. In the new Word? Well - just try finding the bullet list icon to start with. It's not in "insert" or "page layout" - the two logical places it would be. There's no drop down menus so I mistakenly tried the help option. It told me everything I already knew about bullet lists except the one critical thing - where the fucking icon is !!!!! For anyone in the same boat - here's a clue. There's two "paragraph" ribbons, or interfaces, or boxes, or whatever the hell they call them. One is on the "page layout" bar, or menu, or thingy. The other is intuitively on the "home" thingy - ribbon - menu - box thing at the top of the screen.
I call bullshit on every review that likes this ribbon interface - it's yet another dismal failure in the long line of dismal failures of Microsoft.


Anonymous said…
It's shocking, isn't it? You can't customize it like previous versions either - i.e. to make it more usable. You'd think they'd give you an option to have proper menus, but no. It's the ribbon or nothing.

I got a (legit) personal copy of Office 2007 on an ultra-cheap Microsoft corporate deal through my employer, for ~$30. I was robbed. It's junk.
Anonymous said…
I feel your pain. I forced myself to put up with the crap user interface in Office 2007 for six months... then I upgraded to Office 2003.

Haven't looked back since!

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